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ABC-chain gets local customization concept

The ABC chain is renewed, after about 20 service station stores begin to run their operations under the name Lähi ABC! with services targeted primarily to local customers, who are offered easy shopping eating, refueling and continuing connection with the purchase.

The rebranded stations are located mainly in urban areas.

”We developed a new business idea, because our chain outlets sizes, locations, and through the customer’s needs are very different. We want to build a more flexible and site customized services,” says Development Director Antti Erikivi, SOK’s ABC chain.

Local ABC! stations will be opened during the year in various cooperative area quite extensively always from north to south and from east to west.

Compared to the regular ABC service stations I, Lähi ABC! ‘s offering is tailored and can be very different depending on the priorities of services. For example, the buffet, à la carte or ABC Burger delicacies can be found more comprehensive in some stations than others.

”Our principle is that we provide multiple services and professional staff enable us to continue to offer outdoor meals everywhere around Finland,” Antti Erikivi stresses.

During 2016 ABC will change its operations and name Lähi ABC! on about 20 locations.

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