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ABC petrol stations launches unique app-payment

S-Group launches a world unique solution for the ABC-stations in Finland.

Car drivers will be able to pay for a refill of fuel through their phones – without leaving the car.

The S-Group’s mobile application, with a registered in the benefit card Visa information, enables the payments with repeated purchases, card transactions and banking transaction. This integrated combination is, according to a S-Group statement, unique for app-solutions.

The application identifies the location of the car at an ABC station and a serviceman only need to select the application and to fill up the meter. Payment is automatically handled with the debit card. Refuelling only requires a total of three steps for a smartphone.

”ABC’s mobile refueling refueling remove one phase, as the ATM is no longer necessary to use a debit card. Mobile refuelling is part of the vision for the future of an easier everyday life, a unique approach from the the S Group,” says S Bank’s Managing Director Pekka Ylihurula.

Mobile refueling can for a start be used at five HOK-Elanto’s ABC stations in the metropolitan area: ABC Deli Konala, ABC Deli Mechelininkatu, ABC Auto Kannelmäki, ABC Auto Otaniemi and the ABC Deli in North Tapiola. For other ABC stations, the mobile refueling opportunity will expand gradually.

”ABC’s mobile refueling is the first step on our journey, where the digitalisation makes our services and communication to our customers even more enjoyable. Now we can proudly say that a refill at ABC is the world’s easiest thanks to the S-mobile,” says the ABC chain Development Antti Erikivi .

S mobile application has been downloades to more than 600 000 Finnish mobile phone and tablets. The update containing mobile refueling at ABC will be published in the App Store this week, and can be downloaded to Iphone devices. Android and Windows Mobile phones refueling will be enabled before the summer. The updated S-Mobile gets a new ABC-tab, which can be found in the refueling operation.

Mobile refueling will then be enabled for all S-benefit card Visa users.

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