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Alko to start online sales of all alcoholic beverages

The Finnish state-owned alcohol monopoly-chain Alko will start e-commerce this year.
The aim is to offer the full range.
“Our customers can use our services precisely in those channels where they want. By bringing our full range for purchase, we can better serve our customers, “says Alko’s business manager Paula Kujansivu.

The start of the consumer site is set to November, but companies wanting to buy drink online will have less time to wait, as Alko says it plans to open its web store for corporate customers this summer with selected partner companies to pilot the e-commerce before opening.

Consumer can pick up the products purchased online at an Alko store or from a pick-up point. Alko’s online store brings whole Alko’s range of products available to all Finns. Catalog products outside of the usual range are also available – ”the whole world is thus only a click away” says a statement.

In 2015, Alko’s selection was more than 5 700 products. Under the new strategy, the vision is that Alko’s product range would be about 10 000 products in 2020 where the stores will offer an advanced range of customer needs and give the the online store customer easy access to the whole range.

Implementing partners have been Accenture. Accenture’s service design unit Fjord is responsible for e-Identity and focus on the digital services Brightstep implemented the e-commerce technology solution.

Alko’s e-commerce logistics are handled by Posti.


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