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AMF to change office to Mood-block

AMF Fastigheter’s urban development strategy also contains the company itself. Now AMF moves its office into the block containing the Mood-mall and gets Regeringsgatan 59 as new adress.

The office, covering 1700 square meters on two levels, is aimed to be a natural meeting place and center for employees and visitors.


AMF Fastigheter kontor2

The new office space is said to be an extension of AMF Fastigheter’s vision of the future city. International studies as well as internal needs analysis among AMF Fastigheter’s employees are the basis for the design of the new office. Material choices are focused in Swedish suppliers of traceability in supply chains, consisting partly of recycled materials. Several smaller local companies with great craftsmanship, such as decorative painters and carpenters, have also been put his hand on the new office.

The new office has, like the Mood-mall zones for different moods and tempos, to both work individually and with others. The design and décor is inspired by various urban spaces, from the streets of Stockholm and Gotland coast, L’Eixample in Barcelona and the Mission District in San Francisco.

”When we got the opportunity to create a completely new workplace, we took the starting point in understanding people’s needs and tomorrow’s working. With the idea of ​​moving into the city, we have created a work environment that is similar to working in different tempos. There should be more than just four walls, there should be a place where you feel comfortable, you can interact with others but also to focus individually, says Karolin Forsling, Head of Urban Development and marketing of AMF Fastigheter.


AMF Fastigheter move to its new offices this week. At the old premises at Trollhättan 30 work is underway to develop a new zoning plan whereby the existing building is demolished and a new built.


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