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Angry carpenter the new face of XL Bygg

XL Bygg engages the Swedish Angry carpenter.
TV profile Anders Öfvergård will be the building chain’s face in various advertising activities.

He will figure  in commercials and on the web for XL Bygg.

“Both we and Anders have the same core values ​​as quality, service and expertise. Anders is forthright, honest and committed and it fits like a glove, as we will take another step in our external communication. For us it is also important to work with someone who is close to our reality – and it’s Anders “said Erik Öhlin, marketing manager for XL Bygg in Sweden.

Anders Öfvergård is known from the TV program Arga Snickaren (Angry carpenter) where he helped families stuck in construction projects. Besides helping to complete the work he confronts the participants, their relationships, and life situations in a straightforward manner.

Today he has been replaced as host, and made a spin-off where famous people had a taste of the same fearless confrontation. Previously, he also participated in a documentary television project where homeless people got to build a home for themselves.

“I am passionate about successful building results. When Swedish homeowners rebuild, or build, it should be good. This requires the proper tools, high-quality materials, skilled and professional craftsmen and knowledgeable and helpful staff in the building trade, “says Anders Öfvergård about his advertising assignment.

In commercials and short programs online viewers will get to meet Anders who in his true spirit is a “tough friend” who always wants to help.
The partnership begins in the form of commercials in April / May and the goal is a fruitful and long-term cooperation for both parties.

“We renew our communication all the time and it is important that we find the right mix between paid and earned media such as immersive Web TV section which also leads visitors through to the partners websites, “points out Erik Öhlin.


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