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Eva Pettersson, Axfood Närlivs.

Axfood signs up Swedish convenience store chains

Axfood AB has signed several new agreements with the Swedish service sector.
The Group will deliver kiosk products and groceries to Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven, Gulf and Frendo.

Both agreements are extensions of already existing agreements.
The cooperation agreement with the Reitan Convenience Sweden AB for the supply of newsstand and food retail products for Reitan concept stores (Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven and Shell 7-Eleven is valid until December 31 in 2020.
“We look back on a successful partnership since the current contract was written in 2010 and is very proud that Reitan and their merchants now have chosen to give us a new long-term trust as its partner,” said David Bennertun, Head of Axfood.

The agreement with EMAB’s traffic stores (Gulf & Frendo) applies until June 30 by 2018.
“EMAB and its approximately 400 members is in an exciting change and it feels fantastic to as a partner gain renewed confidence,” says David Bennertun, President of Axfood.

“Through these partnerships, we will now, together with the Reitan and EMAB further develop our services and thus raise our quality further to all our customers in the Swedish convenience store market,” says Eva Pettersson, CEO of Axfood Närlivs AB.

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