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Bauhaus Peter Stormare

Bauhaus introduces new campaign with Hollywood handyman

Bauhaus changes its Swedish tv-commercial concept.

Out goes the family. In comes the Hollywood actor Peter Stormare.

“Peter is probably Hollywood’s best handyman. He simply plays the role of himself, “says marketing manager Johan Saxne.

The new concept is based on finding the “do-it-yourself feeling”.

Tonight is the premiere of the first campaign based on the new concept.

“The choice of Peter Stormare was natural. He is a passionate DIY-guy and have designed the family house in West Hollywood and built a large part of the furniture in the home himself. He has even built a carpenter cottage on the site, ” says Johan Saxne, marketing director at the Bauhaus.

Peter Stormare also reflects on his skills:

“Nothing is more rewarding than building something with your hands. Take measurements, draw, collect material in the timber yard. Construction makes you keep imagination alive. For me there is nothing more stimulating than to fix with our house yourself. I designed and made the construction drawings of the house myself together with my wife – in scale and everything. We even design and build wardrobes and bathroom together. If it’s really hard, I get help, but most of it I do myself, ” he says.

See the new commercial here.

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