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Bilka Tilst to re-open with American burger concept

The American burger chain concept Carl’s Jr is expanding inside Dansk Supermarked.

Soon, the residents of Aarhus will have a bite of it when a restaurant opens in Bilka Tilst for summer.

The restaurant opens in Bilka Tilst as part of a major renovation where the entire store will be modernized.

”It Is Østjyllands finest department store, and with Carl’s Jr. under the same roof there is another reason to take the family on shopping and eat dinner at the city’s best burger restaurant, says Michael Hald.

Under the slogan ‘Eat like you mean it’ and among other Danish Nina Agdal as burger eating catcher, Carl’s Jr. has become known by burger enthusiasts worldwide for juicy flame grilled burgers made from 100% beef. For summer opening Carl’s Jr. the fifth restaurant in Denmark, and will be located in Bilka Tilst near Aarhus.

The opening is part of the cooperation between Carl’s Jr. and Danish Supermarket Group, and Head of Franchise in Danish Supermarket, Michael Hald says the local residents are already aware Carl’s Jr.
”We have received many inquiries from burger enthusiasts in and around Aarhus, which would like to have Carl’s Jr. to Jutland. Currently, we operate four restaurants, all located in the grocery store premises at Næstved, Vejle, Aalborg and Kolding, so we needed to get one in Aarhus too,” says Michael Hald.

”In addition to the burgers are Carl’s Jr. known for chicken breast and milkshakes from real vanilla ice cream.

Carl’s Jr.’s is profiled though a higher service level than its competitors, by food created at the order moment and is served at the table.

”We Have big expansion plans with Carl’s Jr., and therefore we’re working to open more restaurants around the country over the next few years,” says Michael Hald.

Carl’s Jr’s founder Carl N. Karcher and his wife, Margaret, bought a single American hot dog stand in Los Angeles, California in 1941. Karcher family got their little business to grow, and in 1945, he had four American hot dog stands and opened a Carl’s Drive-In Barbeque. In 1956 they launched the first Carl’s Jr. restaurant, which got its name as a smaller version of their barbecue restaurants. Carl’s Jr. has grown from a single American hot dog stand to have 1,403 restaurants worldwide. Carl’s Jr. has a wide menu, but is best known for their grilled burgers of high quality.

At the end of August 2013 consisted CKE Restaurant Holdings and its subsidiaries by 3318 franchises and own restaurants in 42 US states and in 28 other countries, including 1,369 Carl’s Jr. restaurants and 1,944 Hardee’s restaurants.

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