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Bilka Tilst -
Kundeområde i Bilka, hvor det er muligt at bestille varer på og få hjælp fra varehusets medarbejdere.
Foto: Claus Sjödin  /

Bilka’s future opens in Tilst

Bilka has set the concept for the future – starting in Tilst.

The store re-opening on Saturday is the new and modernized version of the hypermarket, aimed to compete with discount chains and to offer a sharper customer experience.

For the next three years, Bilka will be investing hundreds of millions annually in modernizing all 18 department stores.

Chain Director Mark H. Nielsen tells that Bilka in Tilst is the chain’s model “of the future hypermarket” with the goal to distinguish itself from competitors both within grocery and non-food.

“Bilka in Tilst was the first store we opened in 1970 and is now the store that best shows where we are going with the grocery store concept, “says Mark H. Nielsen.

The store has been rethought from scratch and has a new range with a clear definition of each product department, part of itarranged in cooperation with the suppliers.

“We build warehouses with multiple universes, while working to develop our range, so we have something that nobody else has. We need to be sharp on experience, selection and price, “says Mark H. Nielsen to



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