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Boomerang targets Norway

40-year-old fashion brand Boomerang is investing heavily in a new approach, new stores and new markets.
New contracts have been signed in China and Norway.

After change of ownership and a new CEO in 2014, fashion brand Boomerang has set out the course for a turnaround.

In Uppsala Boomerang opens March 17 a 160-square-meter store in the ground floor of the new fashion street in Gränby Centre. On 6 April opens a 151 square-meter store in Gothenburg. The store is located in Nordstan in the revamped shopping center Femman and later this year it will also open a new store in Hansa shopping center in Malmö.

“Boomerang is a classic and established brand that is in constant renewal, which fits perfectly with our vision for Femman,” says Cathrine Söderström, Head of Business Development at Femman.

Boomerang is undergoing a major expansion and presents a completely new business platform and a new collection of concepts for autumn 2016, where they have gone back to the roots, built on story telling and looked more closely on its core products.

“Now we lay the foundation for our expansion the next 5-year period. I’m incredibly proud of our team and the journey of change that we have achieved in a short time. This year we will see a modern and updated form of collections, three new stores opening and two new markets. Now we are focusing with full force on driving the business forward, both in traditional and digital channels, “says CEO Sofia Bothelius.

Two new markets are presented for 2016, when Boomerang signed long-term cooperation with strong partners in China and Norway.
In the spring, opens a 257-square-meter shop-in-shop in Beijing shopping mall Wukesong Zhuo Zhan.
Norway has signed an agreement with a new partner, an experienced distributor with a well-established network of contacts in the Norwegian market. The partnership introduced in the fall 2016. Several new markets are planned in the coming years, with a focus on Central Europe.

The company is also focusing on the anniversary collection that old favorite pieces interpreted and launched in a new version.

During the year the brand also fits on introducing a new store concept. The concept will clarify the company’s new image.

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