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Branch agreement on Sale and campaign marketing

Swedish shoe and fashion stores have made a deal how the concept of ”REA” (Sale) shall be handled in the future.

”We must come to our senses,” says branch chairman Mikael Sandström.

2500 fashion companies, including some of the largest like KappAhl and Lindex, that are part of the Svensk Handel Stil has taken a single codeline strategy to not further erode the difference between campaigns and REA.
“There are examples of pure abuse”, writes Svensk Handel Stil.

The recommendation for the clothing, shoes and sports industry is to “REA” or “Realisation” should be used not more than four times per year, in connection with the summer and winter sales as well as for a limited period of holiday sales.

Expressions like “jackrea”, “byxrea” and similar should be avoided.

These recommendations relate to the concept of sale. Svensk Handel Stil has no comments on other price or discount campaigns.

Mikael Sandström, branch chairman, believes that the time is ripe to retake the REA-expression.

“We must come to our senses regarding all these forms of discount campaigns,” says Mikael Sandström.

The agreement with the upcoming Christmas season but also against the background that the Swedish Consumer Agency has started a review of the country’s sports chains using different price offers.

“We do this also to be proactive and show that we respond to these gray areas versus marketing laws,” says Mikael Sandström.

However, a larger number of players is not a member of the industry organization, such as H & M and several international players.


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