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Bruuns Bazaar saved by Hanssen Brands

Danish fashion brands Bruuns Bazaar & BZR survives as Hanssen brands buy both brands.

Bruuns Bazaar had to file for bankruptcy in early March, a commenced turnaround was not enough to save the company that was part of Scandinavian Designers Group

But now Hanssen Brands, a major shareholder in the IC Group A / S,  takes over. But they would have preferred to avoid a bankruptcy

“Both the acquisition and the further licensing and development of a brand is easier if we come before bankruptcy and lawyers. It’s bad for a reputable brand having to go through this, “says Søren Hanssen, CEO of Hanssen Brands.

Hanssen Brands will focus on licensing the new brands.

“Our ambition is to select the right partners who manage to operate Bruuns Bazaar and BZR with respect to what the customers expect in  quality and expression and the spirit that Bjørn and Theis Bruun created,” writes Søren Hanssen in a press release.

The high-profile Bruuns Bazaar had to file for bankruptcy after 22 years, which in recent years had been tough. A commenced turnaround was not enough to save the company.
Bruuns Bazaar was part of Scandinavian Designers Group, which also marks Baum und Pferdgarten and Six Ames belongs. The two brands are not affected by the bankruptcy.

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