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Buildingware the strongest boomer online

Buildingware materials grew most of all product categories online last year.
This according to the upcoming report E-barometern from PostNord.

PostNord has released a teaser to increase the interest in the e-barometer released next week. One conclusion from the report is that sales of building materials on the web by increased by 38 percent, making the industry one of the year’s hottest.

Changed rules regarding the tax deduction, a high rotation rate for homes where relocation also means renovation and low interest rates to finance the purchase, has made the sector gain momentum from the low levels.

“It is becoming easier for individuals to use the Internet for their purchases of building materials and today, customers get educated from ‘how-to’-movies and instructions to tips and tricks on the web,” says Carin Blom, retail analyst at PostNord Sweden.

The building trade was for a long time among the sectors that were lagging behind in e-commerce development, but once it took off, it took off for real. Many lack a car or find it difficult to use a trailer, which is often required to transport home the goods purchased.

”Now virtually all major chains are represented online. The development has progressed rapidly and today there is advanced logistics to get all the goods in the right place at the right time to both warehouses and customers,” continues Carin Blom.

The building trade has invested to provide craft services for its customers.  Although the rules regarding the tax deduction has changed so the concept has achieved a strong impact.

The buildingware trade as a whole was also the industry that grew the most in Sweden in 2015. Total industry grew by 12.6 percent to 38.3 billion SEK. Online the growth was 38 percent and sales amounted to 2.8 billion SEK. The share of  Swedes who ordered building materials online increased slightly in 2015 and stayed at five percent.



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