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Danish vintage giant fires CEO

The CEO of the Danish online vintage fashion store Trendsales resigns immediately. ”It is true that Trendsales’ and now former CEO Rasmus Goth Engel have agreed to separate with immediate effect, says Martin Falslev Andersen, co-founder of Trendsales to TV2. (more…)

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Dansk Supermarked to invest billions in expansion and refurbishing

Dansk Supermarked Group (Danish Supermarket Group) will annually invest 2 billion DKK in the construction of new stores, refurbishment of existing and further development of the company’s e-commerce platforms. In 2016 more than a billion will be invested in Denmark. This was announced with the annual result in European top class. (more…)

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ÖoB seeks new neighbors

Erikslund shopping area in västerås is one of Sweden’s largest, but also has many vacant premises. Now discount operator ÖoB changes neighbor from Elgiganten to Jula and Willy. “We know that we complement each other,” says ÖoB’s establishment director Josef Sommarkrans. (more…)

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ABC-chain gets local customization concept

The ABC chain is renewed, after about 20 service station stores begin to run their operations under the name Lähi ABC! with services targeted primarily to local customers, who are offered easy shopping eating, refueling and continuing connection with the purchase. The rebranded stations are located mainly in urban areas. (more…)

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Citycon to have 75 % of all shopping centers certified

Citycon has launched an extensive project to introduce BREAAM In-Use certification for its shopping centres. So far, a total of 16 shopping centres owned by Citycon and four managed by the company have been granted the BREEAM In-Use certificate. Of these, eight are located in Norway, four in Finland, three in Sweden and one in […]

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Fona to close every second store

Fona electronics chain is now closing 25 stores, while 31 stores will be allowed to continue during the reconstruction. 300 of the 975 employees in Fona will be redundant, writes Pernille Bigaard and Ole Borch, the lawyers in charge of the restructuring. ”The plan implies an adaptation of the size of the business through the closure […]

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New buildingware CEO a one-year-solution

DT Group, the largest buildingware retail actor in the Nordics, has a new President, the Stark-CEO Søren P Olesen. But only for the next 12 months. “As Søren P. Olesen must hold two major CEO positions over the next year, our owner Wolseley will wait before they make the position permanent,” says CFO Søren Strøm. (more…)

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Skånska Byggvaror

Swedish buildingware online specialist happy with Norway

The online specialist Skånska Byggvaror is growing with physical stores. 2015 was the most succesful year in the company’s history. “What is particular pleasing is that our Norwegian initiative is delivering such strong results, giving us the stamina to both continue our efforts in Norway and expand in Denmark through the acquisition of Pavillon,” says […]

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Mette Maix.

Føtex director new CEO at Berlingske Media

Mette Maix, former director of Føtex chain, has a new job already. She’s been apponted new CEO of Berlingske Media. As director of the supermarket chain she has lead an ambitious development of the business and its brand. Berlingske Media is in the process of renewal of the core business news services Berlingske, BT and Weekendavisen, to do the […]

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