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Stokke to half the management team in Coop Norway

When Geir Inge Stokke took over the lead in Coop Norway, he had too much staff – including a management team of 24 people. Now 650 people has left the company due to overlapping work after the ICA acquisition. And 13 leaves the management team. ”24 people who report to me are simply too many. It is not effective, Stokke tells […]

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Sebastian James_anpassad

Elkjøp’s Nordic Christmas – up 3 percent

Elkjøp Group’s Christmas sales, including Black friday and sales period over New Year, was great in Sweden, good in Norway and tough in Denmark and Finland. That’s the conclusion after Dixons Carphone, owner of Elkjøp Group, today published it’s trading statement for Christmas, ten weeks ending 9 January. The Group now sets high hopes on their B2B-solution […]

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Coop Soner Sevin

Coop took legal actions against unauthorized competitions

Online competitions misusing different brands has escalated – and customers disappointment damages the real brand name. Now Coop has made a larger research of unauthorized competitions using Coop’s brand on behalf of its members and other customers who have been duped online. ”Frivolous campaigns that we are talking about here contributes to creating further uncertainty to […]

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Elgiganten Julhandel

Elkjøp and Elgiganten reports new record sales – from new products

Elgiganten in Sweden announces that Black Friday was the start of a record strong Christmas, with sales growth of 5 percent, more customer visits and a higher customer ratings than ever before. Customers preferred quality before price and traditional sellers as game consoles dropped. In Norway, an unexpected bestseller has emerged with cold weather. (more…)

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Skånska Byggvaror to start shop-in-shop in five Plantagen-stores

Skånska Byggvaror expands its omnichannel offer by opening five new Swedish stores – as large shop-in-shop solutions at Plantagen garden centers. “The shop-in-shop solution at Plantagen is a dream scenario for us,” says Beiron Palm, Manager of Business Development and Production at Skånska Byggvaror. (more…)

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Rema reports 120 competitor’s stores for illegal Sunday opening

Rema 1000 in Norway reports 120 stores in NorgesGruppen, Coop and Bunnpris for violating the law on holidays and holiday peace. The chain claims nearly a third of Norgesgruppen’s stores are open on Sundays in violation of the law. ”Today’s regulations are not enforced – and for those who exploit it, the turnovers increase on Sundays. Either the authorities […]

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Clas Ohlson, Ealing UK.

Clas Ohlson increased Christmas sales by 13 percent in Finland

Clas Ohlson sales increased by 5 percent in December to 1,114 MSEK (1,066). In local currencies, sales increased by 7 percent. Total sales during the first eight months of the fiscal year (May to December 2015) increased by 5 percent to 5,540 MSEK (5,269). In local currencies, sales increased by 7 percent. Growth in Finland was […]

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After Norway exit – ICA to merge real estate companies

ICA Fastigheter and ICA Fastigheter Sverige will be merged. The merger of the Swedish operations is a natural step for the real estate on the grounds that the entire Norwegian property portfolio will be sold. In connection with the merger, Michael Johansson leaves role as CEO of ICA Fastigheter Sverige AB. Lena Boberg continues as CEO of […]

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Rema 1000

Reitan’s divestment of Axfood shares opens up for a Swedish Rema 1000

Norwegian Reitan group, the second largest shareholder in Swedish Axfood, is about to divest its 15.6 percent holding – and Odd Reitan denies re-election to the Board. ”A sale increases financial flexibility and enables us to better capture growth opportunities in our existing businesses ”, says Odd Reitan, Chairman and CEO of Reitangruppen. One move could […]

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Elon Group

EEL to change name to Elon Group

As Elon is expanding in the Nordics, EEL Holding has decided to change name to Elon Group. ”The use of Elon brand at the Group gives us an opportunity to make a greater impact and bring a stronger grip on the market. We become clearer, pure and simple,” says President and CEO Christer Larsson. (more…)

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MQ reports constantly increasing sales

Again, MQ reports strong sales growth and increased earnings. MQ’s increased sales the first financial quarter. Likewise, earnings are continuing to develop positively. Net sales amounted to 382 MSEK (357), an increase of 7.0 percent. Operating profit amounted to 42 MSEK (39), corresponding to an operating margin of 10.9 percent (10.9). Profit after tax amounted […]

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Mild weather boozts sales of building materials

The domestic sales of building materials in Norway had an increase in November by 8.6 percent compare to the same period last year (5.7 percent when adjusted for inflation). This according to Byggevaruindustrin. One sales day more than last year explains some, but in general this fall has been a good period for the industry. Continued good sales are reported for December where especially […]

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Marianne Håkonsen

Marianne Håkonsen new marketing director at Citycon

Citycon picks their Nordic marketing director from its recent aquisition in Norway. Marianne M. Håkonsen, the former Marketing Manager of Sektor Gruppen, has been appointed Citycon Oyj’s Vice President, Marketing and Branding and member of the Corporate Management Committee. Marianne Håkonsen will be responsible for leading the marketing and branding activities in all Citycon countries and furthermore […]

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Norway to launch national price and nutrition comparison portal for groceries

In October next year launches the Norwegian Consumer Council a grocery portal, which will provide food customers with the ability to find the best rates and evaluate the products in all the grocery stores. ”Today there are only the consumers who do not have a complete overview of the pricing,” says Mette Fossum Beyer in Rema […]

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David Rönnberg

Indiska recruits external CEO

Fashion and interior decorating chain Indiska takes in an external CEO. Current president, Sofie Gunolf, takes a step back to become manager for purchasing and production. “The company has huge potential and I am glad of the opportunity and confidence to work with Sofie and the rest of the founding family to develop Indiska,” says David Rönnberg. […]

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Clas Ohlson, Ealing UK.

Clas Ohlson set November record

Clas Ohlson had a highly favourable start to Christmas shopping. Sales in November increased by 8 percent to 809 MSEK, with a particularly favourable performance in Finland where sales increased by 19 per cent in local currency. CEO Klas Balkow says weakening currencies is a challenge, but earnings is on par with the preceding year’s level. (more…)

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IKEA to share 105 million EUR extra with employees

IKEA gives its employees 105 million EUR extra this year in future pension provision, distributed to 128,000 people in 43 countries. For the Nordics, this means 14,000 SEK, 14,582 NOK, 11,233 DKK or 1176 EUR per full-time working person. ”All employees who’s worked five years of operation, or more, are qualified,” says HR director Karin Bergman. […]

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Cecilia Mortimer Åhlens

Åhlens to gear up e-commerce with new director

Åhlens dismantles the stores in Norway, but is now focusing on Scandinavian e-commerce on a large scale starting next year. In line with this strategy comes the creation of a new service e-commerce manager. “There is a great potential for Åhléns with digital sales, which I look forward to further development,” says Cecilia Mortimer Meurling who’s […]

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Ikea to open pick-up point-concept in central Oslo

Ikea wants to open a click and collect store in central Oslo. The new store  could open within Ring 3 already before September  next year. ”Ikea Furuset needs relief now. We see that an Ikea service & pick-up point in central Oslo is the way to go, says communication manager at Ikea Norway, Jan Christian Thommesen. (more…)

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Aberdeen to outsource all Nordic property management to CBRE

Aberdeen Asset Management is to expand its European property management business model into the Nordics. Therefore Aberdeen will select a single outsource provider of property management and property accounting services in the Nordics region (covering Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland). Wednesday, the Group announced it is in negotiations to outsource property management, property accounting and […]

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Oslo City_4239

Oslo City to be sold to Steen & Strøm

Updated. Oslo City, the shopping and office building next to Oslo’s bus and train central station, is about to get a new owner. Current owner DnB is about to sell all its shares to Entra and Steen & Strøm that will split the property ownership between them, in an office and a shopping section. (more…)

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