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He takes the position as new pharmacy chain CEO

Pharmacies chain Kronans Apotek now has a new President. Lars Birkeland leave his post and is replaced today by Stig Tornell, former assortment and marketing director. Stig Tornell’s retail experience comes from a variety of positions in marketing, purchasing, store operations and sales, including the Reitan Sweden AB (Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven), Shell and the ICA Group. Since […]

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AMF to change office to Mood-block

AMF Fastigheter’s urban development strategy also contains the company itself. Now AMF moves its office into the block containing the Mood-mall and gets Regeringsgatan 59 as new adress. The office, covering 1700 square meters on two levels, is aimed to be a natural meeting place and center for employees and visitors. (more…)

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Per Thelin 15.34.56

Per Thelin: ”I completed my job faster than expected”

Stockmann’s resigning CEO Per Thelin says he completed the reorganization the Board hired him to do. But he is ready to continue as an adviser to Stockmann’s management. ”We have now taken all the big stages and completed some. Originally, we estimated that it would take two years, but we have achieved it already,” he tells FNB. […]

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AMF recruits new Head of business development

AMF Fastigheter has recruited Annelie Gullström to a newly created role as Head of business development with the mission to drive the company’s business development. ”External requirements and expectations means that we must constantly sharpen our offer and our products. Annelie will be a key figure in putting our ideas into commercially viable service,” says […]

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New buildingware CEO a one-year-solution

DT Group, the largest buildingware retail actor in the Nordics, has a new President, the Stark-CEO Søren P Olesen. But only for the next 12 months. “As Søren P. Olesen must hold two major CEO positions over the next year, our owner Wolseley will wait before they make the position permanent,” says CFO Søren Strøm. (more…)

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Citycon expands organisation with eight new employees

After the acquisition of the Norwegian Sektor in July 2015 Citycon is now announcing that it employs eight people, including three operation engineers and a property technician in order to build its own operating organization. In addition, Citycon strengthens its Swedish organization with four specialists, all based in Kista. Joel Bjerking, formerly JLL, has been appointed […]

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H&M Hawaii

Former Google CEO to H&M board

H&M’s nomination committee has proposed two new members of the board of directors, the former Nordic director of Google, Stina Honkamaa Bergfors, and the lawyer Erica Wiking Häger. ”From her various leading positions in companies such as Google and IKEA, Stina Honkamaa Bergfors has gathered solid and valuable experience within media, digitalisation and entrepreneurship,” says Chairman […]

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He is Orkla’s new manager in Sweden

Orkla Foods Sweden gets a new CEO: Henrik Julin, the CEO of Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Sweden since June 2014. “It has been an intense period of Orkla Confectionery & Snacks and there is a stronger organization that will now continue to develop the Swedish people’s favorites in biscuits and snacks,” says Henrik Julin. He will take […]

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Mette Maix.

Føtex director new CEO at Berlingske Media

Mette Maix, former director of Føtex chain, has a new job already. She’s been apponted new CEO of Berlingske Media. As director of the supermarket chain she has lead an ambitious development of the business and its brand. Berlingske Media is in the process of renewal of the core business news services Berlingske, BT and Weekendavisen, to do the […]

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Markela Dedopoulos

Dagrofa Communications director resigns

Dagrofa Communications director Markela Dedopoulos resigns. According to Dagrofa it is by mutual agreement. Markela Dedopoulos took up the post as Communications director in 2014 and has mainly worked to consolidate and develop Dagrofa’s internal and external communications, including the business strategy

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Stokke to half the management team in Coop Norway

When Geir Inge Stokke took over the lead in Coop Norway, he had too much staff – including a management team of 24 people. Now 650 people has left the company due to overlapping work after the ICA acquisition. And 13 leaves the management team. ”24 people who report to me are simply too many. It is not effective, Stokke tells […]

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Monica Soderberg

She is Unibail-Rodamco’s new Nordic Head of Leasing

Unibail-Rodamco has appointed Monica Söderberg as the new Head of Leasing in the Nordic region. Monica Söderberg has worked for Unibail-Rodamco since March 2014. Now, she will be responsible for leasing of the entire Nordic portfolio. Monica Söderberg has since March 2014 been working with leasing as Key Account Manager for Unibail-Rocamco responsible for some of its […]

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Marianne Håkonsen

Marianne Håkonsen new marketing director at Citycon

Citycon picks their Nordic marketing director from its recent aquisition in Norway. Marianne M. Håkonsen, the former Marketing Manager of Sektor Gruppen, has been appointed Citycon Oyj’s Vice President, Marketing and Branding and member of the Corporate Management Committee. Marianne Håkonsen will be responsible for leading the marketing and branding activities in all Citycon countries and furthermore […]

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David Rönnberg

Indiska recruits external CEO

Fashion and interior decorating chain Indiska takes in an external CEO. Current president, Sofie Gunolf, takes a step back to become manager for purchasing and production. “The company has huge potential and I am glad of the opportunity and confidence to work with Sofie and the rest of the founding family to develop Indiska,” says David Rönnberg. […]

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Cecilia Mortimer Åhlens

Åhlens to gear up e-commerce with new director

Åhlens dismantles the stores in Norway, but is now focusing on Scandinavian e-commerce on a large scale starting next year. In line with this strategy comes the creation of a new service e-commerce manager. “There is a great potential for Åhléns with digital sales, which I look forward to further development,” says Cecilia Mortimer Meurling who’s […]

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Åhlens to hire refugees in large diversity project

Åhléns is investing in diversity – and has a stated objective that at least 20 percent of the workforce within the Åhléns concepts should have international backgrounds in 2020. New 13 asylum seekers are recruited to the new Café Å lait. ”We must act with both heart and brain in business life and it’s important not […]

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SGN aquires 50% of Sportringen

Sportringen has attracted many Swedish Team Sportia merchants lately. Now Team Sportia/Sportia owner SGN get them back by aquring a 50 percent stake in Sportringen. SGN CEO and Team Sportia Chairman Sam Nieminen says the two brands and concepts will not merge. At the same time, Team Sportia CEO Anders Edvardsson is resigning. (more…)

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Stokke new President of Coop Norway

Geir Inge Stoke becomes Coop Norway’s permanent solution. Board of Coop Norge Handel and Coop Norge SA has appointed him as Group CEO of Coop Norway. ”Both from the thorough search and results Geir-Inge Stokke have delivered on time as acting CEO, the board is confident that we have found the best candidate,” says Chairman Lisbeth Bull […]

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