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Media Markt: ”We are ready to expand in Sweden again”

After a series of cancelled store openings in 2012, Media Markt now says it is now prepared to open several new stores. The chain says that the number of profitable stores now have doubled – and points to a 67 million improvement despite  230 million SEK in losses last year. “We can confirm that the business is developing according […]

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Fona to close every second store

Fona electronics chain is now closing 25 stores, while 31 stores will be allowed to continue during the reconstruction. 300 of the 975 employees in Fona will be redundant, writes Pernille Bigaard and Ole Borch, the lawyers in charge of the restructuring. ”The plan implies an adaptation of the size of the business through the closure […]

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Apple Stockholm

Apple to open state of the art flagship in Stockholm

Apple has found the location of its flagship store in Stockholm. The City of Stockholm is expected to provide the electronics giant permission to build a fully transparent store in Kungsträdgården, the large park in Stockholm city. “Stockholm is a fantastic city of innovation and we feel a great honor to have the opportunity to contribute […]

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Elgiganten targets small town coverage

Sweden might be the best example of how Elgiganten’s establishing strategy looks like in the Nordics. After upgrading to megastores on key-locations and converting the Phone House chain to a new mini concept, the new target is a better coverage in smaller cities. For the next years, 10 new mid-sized stores are planned, starting in Ängelholm. […]

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Danish electronics chain in deep crisis – will Elkjøp take over?

56 stores Danish electronics chain Fona, founded in 1926, seeks reconstruction. ”The background is the recent years’ extremely intense competition where we unfortunately have been squeezed on our earnings to such an extent that we need a time-out,” says Fona in a letter to its customers. Now, the chain states it seeks a new partner […]

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Sebastian James_anpassad

Elkjøp’s Nordic Christmas – up 3 percent

Elkjøp Group’s Christmas sales, including Black friday and sales period over New Year, was great in Sweden, good in Norway and tough in Denmark and Finland. That’s the conclusion after Dixons Carphone, owner of Elkjøp Group, today published it’s trading statement for Christmas, ten weeks ending 9 January. The Group now sets high hopes on their B2B-solution […]

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Elgiganten Julhandel

Elkjøp and Elgiganten reports new record sales – from new products

Elgiganten in Sweden announces that Black Friday was the start of a record strong Christmas, with sales growth of 5 percent, more customer visits and a higher customer ratings than ever before. Customers preferred quality before price and traditional sellers as game consoles dropped. In Norway, an unexpected bestseller has emerged with cold weather. (more…)

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Clas Ohlson, Ealing UK.

Clas Ohlson increased Christmas sales by 13 percent in Finland

Clas Ohlson sales increased by 5 percent in December to 1,114 MSEK (1,066). In local currencies, sales increased by 7 percent. Total sales during the first eight months of the fiscal year (May to December 2015) increased by 5 percent to 5,540 MSEK (5,269). In local currencies, sales increased by 7 percent. Growth in Finland was […]

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Elon Group

EEL to change name to Elon Group

As Elon is expanding in the Nordics, EEL Holding has decided to change name to Elon Group. ”The use of Elon brand at the Group gives us an opportunity to make a greater impact and bring a stronger grip on the market. We become clearer, pure and simple,” says President and CEO Christer Larsson. (more…)

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Clas Ohlson, Ealing UK.

Clas Ohlson set November record

Clas Ohlson had a highly favourable start to Christmas shopping. Sales in November increased by 8 percent to 809 MSEK, with a particularly favourable performance in Finland where sales increased by 19 per cent in local currency. CEO Klas Balkow says weakening currencies is a challenge, but earnings is on par with the preceding year’s level. (more…)

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Mobile phones sales increasing again

So far this year, consumer electronics sales in Sweden are five percent lower than last year. But sales of mobile phones is increasing again after three pretty bad months. In time for Christmas. ”Mobile phones are the locomotive that pulls the entire electronics industry. And that product category is doing well is important for the market,” […]

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Electra to buy half of Danish El-Salg and Euronics

Last year, the cooperation between the Swedish wholesaler Electra Gruppen and Danish El-Salg was extended. Now acquires Electra Gruppen 45 percent of El-Salg and establish themselves in Denmark as a major player behind the new Euronics-chain. “A major strategic decision, and our store chains can broaden its offering of consumer electronics products,” says El-Salg’s CEO Thomas […]

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Dustin to launch in Finland

After the acquisition of Business Forum in Finland 2013 last year, the market leading B2B-online actor for electronics, Dustin, is ready for Finland under their own brand and online store. ”We will open during this financial year,” Göran Lindö, Head of Online at Dustin, tells He sees Atea and as main competitors. […]

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Vitvaruexperten to be launched on Litium platform

The Swedish e-commerce startup has chosen its first partner – going for e-commerce platform Litium on Demand. ”It is a platform used by many large e-commerce operators, which is linked to a broad ecosystem of complementary vendors for customer service, comparison sites, and more,” says’s CEO Mikael Hagman. (more…)

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