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Lidl switches store design

Lidl has presented its new store identity in Finland – switching colors from blue to grey, introducing wider corridors and re-located departments but also improved facilities for the staff. The new look from spring 2016 onwards is based on deep consumer surveys. ”People prefer to visit the grocery store without a feeling of congestion,” says Country Manager Lauri Sipponen . […]

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Dansk Supermarked to invest billions in expansion and refurbishing

Dansk Supermarked Group (Danish Supermarket Group) will annually invest 2 billion DKK in the construction of new stores, refurbishment of existing and further development of the company’s e-commerce platforms. In 2016 more than a billion will be invested in Denmark. This was announced with the annual result in European top class. (more…)

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Despite weaker currency – border trade boosted again

The border trade does not suffer from a weaker Norwegian currency. In Charlottenberg the retail trade has so far this year increased by over 20 percent. “When the Norwegian krone is weakened imported goods gets more expensive in Norway. Norwegian traders have raised prices a lot, especially on food, “says Lars Erik Eröy, center manager […]

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Alko to start online sales of all alcoholic beverages

The Finnish state-owned alcohol monopoly-chain Alko will start e-commerce this year. The aim is to offer the full range. “Our customers can use our services precisely in those channels where they want. By bringing our full range for purchase, we can better serve our customers, “says Alko’s business manager Paula Kujansivu. (more…)

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Kesko to reform all K-citymarkets

K-citymarket’s Finnish comprehensive reform has started, all the stores are to be renewed after the local customers wishes by the end of 2018. “The K-citymarket chain reform are utilized by a new way of customer feedback and store-specific customer information. The aim is to make each one of 81 store look unique to its customer base , two K-citymarkets won’t […]

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Kesko grew on all areas

Kesko Group’s sales in February 2016 totalled 656.8 million EUR. In comparable terms excluding Anttila, sales increased by 5.6 percent in local currencies. “In February, Kesko’s sales increased in all strategic growth areas: the grocery trade, the building and home improvement trade, and the car trade,” says Kesko’s President and CEO Mikko Helander. (more…)

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Coop’s historical turnaround

Coop Sweden has turned all minus to plus and reports a profit for 2015 – a historic achievement according to the company. “It shows that the strategic comprehensive approach we have taken on all our operations provide powerful performance and we are even ahead of schedule in many areas,” says Sonat Burman-Olsson, President and CEO […]

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Apotek Hjärtat ICA

Ica to open health care clinics at hypermarkets

Ica goes for more qualified health care in connection with its hypermarkets This is done by ICA’s pharmacy chain Apotek Hjärtat opening Minute Clinics. Three trials are now permanent and three new will be established. “The big advantage is that we simplify for customers. You can check your birthmark at the same time you buy milk, “says ICA’s CEO Per […]

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S Group’s price campaigns increase operating result

The S Group’s two-year strategy of strict cost control, the grocery trade, the increased number of customers and the consumer goods trade are the main factors  behind 2015 operating result improving from the previous year. With the large price campaigns in Finland the sales volumes increased and the S Group’s grocery developed better than the market overall. But the […]

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Kesko genre

Kesko joins ICA for international home and specialty goods sourcing

Kesko partners up with Swedish ICA’s international ICA Global Sourcing (IGS) in international purchasing for Kesko’s home and speciality goods trade, to an extent of which is unprecedented in the history of Kesko. The strategy is to achieve a more diverse selection of home and speciality goods available at K-food stores.  The key objective of the sourcing cooperation mainly from […]

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Kesko to extend bread deliveries to Sundays

Finland’s largest bakery companies Vaasa and Fazer start delivering fresh-baked bread to grocery stores on Sundays. Sunday has so far been the only day when the shops do not have bread delivered, and only some of the K-citymarket hypermarkets have own bakeries in operation on Sundays. The background of the Sunday delivery is the release of opening hours, which has increased the […]

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ICA increased sales by 3.1%

Sales in the Swedish ICA stores rose by 3.1 percent in January 2016 compared with the corresponding month last year. Sales in like-for-like stores increased by 2.3 percent. ICA’s hypermarket concept Maxi continues to gain market shares – mostly within ICA’s own group – with a 4.1 percent increase. Kvantum performed best like for like.   January 2016 […]

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Anders Strålman, CEO Axfood

Strong finish of 2015 for Axfood

Axfood ended 2015 with an impressive 8.1 percent sales increase compared to Q4 in 2014. And a total increase of sales by 7.2 percent in 2015. ”Superb sales growth gave higher market shares and good profitability,” says Prtesident and CEO Anders Strålman. (more…)

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Kesko increased profit 2015

Kesko’s net sales last year were 8,679 million EUR, excluding Anttila they remained at the level of the previous year. Sales of groceries suffered from declining prices. ”We can be satisfied when we take account of the continued weak trend in the purchasing power of the main market area in Finland, says President and CEO Mikko Helander. […]

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