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The marketing message to Matvaran's former customers.

Infected fight over ICA Maxi’s e-commerce customers

ICA’s hypermarket concept Maxi recently ended the partnership with Matvaran providing an e-commerce solution for 26 stores. But now an infected fight has started regarding the customer register where local Maxi stores say the new owner of Matvaran, Mathem, tricks the customers to win them over. ”We understand that our competitors seek to exploit our good […]

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Martina Haag och Mogge Sseruwagi i IKEA kök, filminspelning. Friends Agenda

Ikea starts tv-serie

Today, Ikea launched its first TV program ever – to share insights from their own surveys on people’s lives in and around the kitchen. Martina Haag and Mogge Sseruwagi will host the series that will offer ”a mix of exciting and unexpected insights on life in the home”. (more…)

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Stockmann to outsource space to Musti & Mirri – gets pet grooming services

Stockmann believes pet supplies chain Musti & Mirri will serve the Helsinki flagship’s customers better. That makes it the fifth partner to move in as a large shop-in-department store solution, following Expert, Hamleys, Bonnier and Halti. ”The possibility of expanding cooperation with Hamleys, Musti & Mirri and Halti from Helsinki to Stockmann’s other stores during 2016 is being investigated,” […]

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Elgiganten Phone House logga

Elgiganten launches conversion of 79 Phone House stores

[smartslider2 slider=”1″]’ A year after the big deal – now Elgiganten officially rebrands their Phone House stores in Sweden. For seven weeks, the chain will grow by 79 stores and take the market leading electronics chain into malls and city centers with a mobile and omnichannel concept. “We will change the consumer electronics market in Sweden,” says Niclas […]

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S Group takes price war to supermarket chain

S Group is stepping up the price war on food in Finland. Now the lower prices campaign of Prisma hypermarkets is expanded to all 453 S-Market stores. “Now we can say that “Halpuuttaminen”covers the whole of Finland. This is a great thing as the S-Market chain is Finland’s largest grocery chain, ” says SOK’s CEO […]

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Royal Copenhagen 2015-04-16 kl. 13.40.39

Royal Copenhagen will tell its story with an online flagship

Royal Copenhagen has opened the virtual doors to a new online flagship store. ”We feel that our Digital Flagship Store will present our products and history the best way possible. It is important for us that our products come into its own, and that the exclusive hand-painted porcelain shines through whether it is experienced in the physical […]

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A 100 year old trade mark with a piece of Swedish origin

The popular culture symbol, design classic and icon Coca-Cola bottle celebrates 100 years. The bottle created in 2015 has become the world’s most famous packaging. The Swede Alexander Samuelsson had a decisive hand in the game when the bottle came to life – his name is on the patent after leading the design work that resulted in the iconic […]

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C Coop

Coop to sharpen branding in all chains

Denmark’s largest company has contracted agencies Robert/Boisen & Like-minded and RelationshusetGekko, to remodel its corporate branding, member program of the 1.5 million members and marketing of the Group’s own brands, Änglamark, Smag Forskellen and C. “We will in the near future sharpen our branding of Coop across all our five chains, to promote our food-manifest, Together for Better Food, which […]

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”Nets to launch new mobile payment solution next week”

Nets is about to launch a new mobile payment solution. Computerworld writes that the solution, developed in cooperation with the French IT company Oberthur Technologies and the Norwegian financial group Eika, will be presented at the Mobile world congress next Monday. None of the parties wish to comment on the launch. Eika and Nets last […]

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