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”Chinese shopping tourists a future goldmine for retailers”

Tourists importance for retail commerce continues to grow. For many of the foreign tourists who visit Sweden are shopping often the main purpose of the trip.
Svensk Handel’s new report shows that shopping tourism in Sweden has annual sales of 73.7 billion SEK and employs 30,000 people.

”An attractive and vibrant trade contributes to increased tourism. Retail trade needs to identify the customer group of tourists, since this has a huge potential, says Elisabet Elmsäter Vegsö, responsible for tourism issues at Svensk Handel.

Foreign tourists are shopping for 44bn in the Swedish retail sector, representing retail sales in 132 of Sweden’s 290 municipalities. On average, the foreign visitors spend nearly half their travel funds in retail. The neighboring Nordic countries, with Norway in the lead, accounting for the largest portion of tourism – but growth is occurring from countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China.

The proportion of Chinese guest nights in Sweden has almost doubled in the past four years.

”Chinese visitors to Sweden put a great part of travel funds in the shopping and can become a future goldmine for retail trade. The foreign tourists are an important source of growth,” says Elisabet Elmsäter Vegsö.

In total, shopping tourists stands for 11 percent of total retail turnover according to the report “Shopping Tourism in Sweden 2015” .


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