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Content marketing a winning concept in Swedish e-commerce

Sportamore is Sweden’s best e-commerce site.
This, according to Internetworld who’s traditionally named a top 100 list of Swedish websites.

The magazine says that Swedish e-retailers are in the front line to make the site experience even more appealing to consumers.
“A really good e-store sells not only products, it sells an entire lifestyle with the right content and activity in social media,” writes Internetworld.

Winners in the right e-commerce category is Sportamore for “Smart content, new responsive design and a focus on own clothing brands are some of the things that makes Sportamore Sweden’s best e-commerce site in 2016.”

The fact that fashion sites are an increasingly part of the e-commerce peak is about a pleasurable form of addressing where it is not enough with just excellent product images, clear information and more sleek shape longer. More and more online merchants are working with content to drive sales.
There Sportamore stands out with excellent content marketing.

A new use of customer photos is another trend where several fashion sites use the opportunity to publish customers’ product photos from social media and let them inspire and drive sales.

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