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Craft to make fun of copy-cats

Baselayer clothing brand Craft invites their competitors to copy its collections.

”We can’t have lousy knock offs,” says CEO Jonas Peterson with the campaign.

 Swedish brand Craft says it has grown weary of everyone failing to imitate its highly successful baselayer collections. In a move to improve baselayers across the world, the company now reveals all the templates and patterns for Craft Active Extreme saysing it is ”probably the best baselayer ever designed.”

Craft says every year the sportswear market is flooded with new brands claiming to provide “functional baselayer”.

”But the truth is that most of these brands really have no idea what they are talking about, a fact that baselayer giant and functional sportswear pioneer Craft has grown tired of.” Craft states.

“When you are outstanding at something people tend to copy you,” says Craft’s CEO Jonas Peterson. “Unfortunately that often leads to lots of lousy knock offs. And we can’t have that. We have therefore decided to unveil all our secrets to help our competitors get on the right track.”

On the website “How to copy Craft” , the company says it will show you exactly how to copy the collection – providing templates, patterns, seam designs as well as information about the manufacturing of the fabrics.

No surprise, the key to success and quality is not that easy and without secrets the competitors did not know already – such as living with the atheletes for two years. But they might get a bigger audience watching the two minute clip ending with ”Don’t forget to put your own logo on it.”

”The campaign is ongoing and will keep on running until Craft has noticed a significant improvement in the design and manufacturing of the competitors’ baselayer collections.”


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