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Dagrofa’s expanding private label: ”We have a winner”

Dagrofa thanks its Gestus brand for a strong growth in sales of private label products.

With Gestus as a spearhead sales of its own brands grew by 10 percent in 2015 .

”The great consumer interest for Gestus series stresses that we have a winner with a food brand that puts quality and taste of everyday life for a good price in the center, “says Michael Rahbek, Head of private label in Dagrofa.

The assortment in the Gestus series exploded from the start in January 2015 with 500 products on the shelves in Meny, Spar, Kwi and Min Købmand – a total of 620 stores.

“It is a pleasure to look back at the first year of Gestus, where we have had historical growth of our sales of private label. The launch of the brand is an important part of our growth strategy in Dagrofa and our desire to give the Danes good food experiences. Both figures and customer demand in stores and reactions to our social media shows that Gestus of one year has created a strong position in the market. So strong that Gestus has a great deal of credit for our big rise in sales of private label, ” says Michael Rahbek.

Not least the food market Meny and discount chain Kiwi contribute to growth, but also small merchants in Spar and Min Købmand showed very satisfactory development for Dagrofa’s own brands.

Kiwis stores showed from 2014 to 2015 a sales increase of over 18 percent. A growth which means that the discount chain is in the absolute top in sales of private label in Danish retail trade.

“Our aim to drive the development of new quality food with Gestus brand has succeeded very well across our chains. We have put an ambitious path for private label as we continue putting innovation in the system and execute it ruthlessly. At the same time, we have plans for further development of our private label palette, “says Michael Rahbek.

This year, at least 100 new Gesture products will be on shop shelves. At the same time Dagrofa is expanding the series with over 200 meat products from May will be placed under the label.

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