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Danish sports chains merge to ”a perfect match”

Danish sports chains Sportigan and Sport 24 has merged their headquarters. This creates a sports chain with a turnover of over a billion DKK.

Sportigan and Sport 24 will together have 175 stores, but will keep their brands and merge only administrative tasks and logistics.

Lars Elsborg, director of Sportigan says they will have the best of two worlds and synergies are very high.

”We guess that you could call it a perfect match,” writes Sportigan Chairman Henrik Bruun and Sport 24 Chairman Steen Hansen Egede in a statement.

Sport 24 is a merger of three Jutland sports chains, which in 2011 left the Intersport cooperation. Sportigan is the older brand.

Sportigan has a majority of shops in the province, while Sport 24 increasingly focuses on e-commerce, as Wednesday wrote in ‘Sport 24 goes forward on both top and bottom line’.

They will together get access to each other’s assortment, 8,000 products from the Sport 24 warehouse in Silkeborg and 1,000 from Sportigan’s in Aalborg. The plan is to assemble the chains in Silkeborg

”We achieve a significantly stronger negotiating position in relation to the sports industry brands and for that matter, private label manufacturers,” says Lars Elsborg.

Sportigan’s voluntary chain must first approve the merge at an extraordinary general meeting later this month.

Lars Elsborg is interviewed in Danish TV2 about this.



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