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Finnish retail sales volume increased by 3.7 percent in February

Finnish retail trade grew by 2.1 percent in February compared to last year. Both daily consumer goods trade and department store trade generated a growth of 2.3 percent.

According to Statistics Finland, sales in total trade increased by 1.9 per cent in February from February 2015. Wholesale trade fell by 1.0 percent from the previous year. Motor vehicle sales grew strongest among the sectors of trade, altogether by 12.4 percent.

In retail trade, the sales volume increased by 3.7 percent in February and in wholesale trade by 2.8 percent from one year earlier.
Due to fallen prices, the sales volume developed more favourably than turnover in all sectors of trade

Retail trade sales decreased by 0.2 percent in January to February from January to February 2015.

The reported annual changes in trade sales and sales volumes are not seasonally or trading day adjusted. In February, the development of the sectors of trade was in part affected by the leap year. The opening hours of retail shops were deregulated starting from 1 January 2016 after which some retail shops have extended their opening hours.

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