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First social supermarket for surplus food to open in Copenhagen

New rules from the Danish Environment and Food Ministry opens up for WeFood – Denmark’s first store with surplus food.

“Precisely the rule-simplification, we have been waiting for,” says Secretary General of DanChurchAid Birgitte Qvist-Sørensen.

The new store with surplus food will open in early 2016 in Copenhagen.


Complex rules have until now meant that it was cheaper for the shops to throw surplus food rather than donating food to charity. But today the Environment and Food Minister says the rules will be changed so DanChurchAid easier can get products on the shelves in WeFood, a new store with surplus food. A store to be run by volunteers, and where the profits go to fight hunger in the world’s poorest countries.

Every year more than 700,000 tonnes of food are thrown in Denmark.

“I am pleased to report that the supermarket immediately responded to the easier way to donate surplus food. They have announced that they will be suppliers to WeFood. Føtex is an important partner, but WeFood need lots of items and is open to anyone who wants to join, “said the Secretary General.

WeFood will sell the goods which the stores for one reason or another throw away, even if the goods can easily be used. The goods will generally be sold for 50-70% of the original price.

Where the store opens in Copenhagen, will be revealed soon.

DanishChurchAid says that already more than 60 volunteers signed up to work in WeFood, and interest to help combat food waste has been overwhelming.

At the same time other charity projects are launched in cooperation with Danish supermarkets. DanChurchAid has worked with the grocery store Bilka since 2011 under the heading ‘Give a lifeline for Malawi.WEB-version-logo


In October, Bilka gave its customers the ability to deliver a ‘bag of life’. Every time customers delivered a kilo of clothes, an amount as given to the DCA and Bilka joint project in Malawi – one of the world’s poorest countries. In addition, a portion of the profits was donated to DanChurchAid other work for the world’s poorest.

More than 31 tonnes of clothes resulted in a contribution of 108,000 DKK.



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