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Fona to close every second store

Fona electronics chain is now closing 25 stores, while 31 stores will be allowed to continue during the reconstruction.

300 of the 975 employees in Fona will be redundant, writes Pernille Bigaard and Ole Borch, the lawyers in charge of the restructuring.

”The plan implies an adaptation of the size of the business through the closure of shops and thus the termination of a number of employees.”

They expect to have a clarification within the next four weeks and will not comment on the expectations of the outcome. Repairs and service concept Elektronik-centeret is already announced to be closed.

Meanwhile, a lot of speculations go on which companies that might be interested in the chain. Question is who would be interested to go for a cityconcept while there is a price war in the industry taking place. has previously written that the most likely new owner is Elkjøp/Elgiganten backed by its owner DixonsCarphone that already owns 40 percent of Fona and is the main distributor today. That would give Elgiganten a tight grip and a strong multichannel offer in Denmark similar to the structure in Norway and Sweden. The phonehouse concept in these countries has on the other hand much smaller sized stores compared to Fona.

Expert, which is looking for expansion and confrontation with Elgiganten in Denmark with the Power chain, has similar store sizes and a ready concept that is tried out in Norway and Finland. That would most likely lead to Elkjøp selling off its share of the company. But Expert decided to close a lot of mid-sized stores when launching the Power-concept. Euronics is a third option.

Media-Saturn, with Media Markt and its sister concept for citycentres and malls Saturn, is already struggling with Sweden and has hard times competing with Elgiganten. It is also hard to expect any single brand or online player to be interested in taking over operations in so many stores at once, even Apple-specialists as Humac.

Last option is a chain in a completely different category.

These are the stores that are up for closing:

FONA Glostrup Center
FONA Spinderiet
FONA Amagercentret
FONA Klampenborgvej
FONA Albertslund
FONA Noerreport
FONA Herlev center
FONA City2
FONA Stroget, Aarhus
FONA Hellerup
FONA Hvidovre
FONA Nørrebro
FONA Ringsted
FONA Farum Bytorv
FONA Holbaek
FONA Odense C
FONA Aalborg Shopping Center
FONA Vejle
FONA Viborg
FONA Fredericia
FONA Sønderborg
FONA Horsens
FONA Holstebro
FONA City West

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