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Føtex targets pregnants and parents with new loyalty club

Supermarket chain Føtex launches a new kind of customer club, for pregnant women and parents. Tips and advices online and free kits for newborns and toys for children up to three years of age are included.

Føtex director Mette Maix says in a statement that she has experienced the new everyday life with a new baby, and therefore she is pleased that Føtex now can provide parents with young children a helping hand in their new family life.

”It’s great to have a new baby and start a family, but it is also hard work. When life gets turned upside down, you can sometimes well be in need of a helping hand, and we have therefore created “føtex for the little ones.” Here is both both the starter kit and advice for new parents. In short, a great help to get started with the new life with a child,” says Mette Maix.

It works as a free member club where pregnant women and parents with children up to three years can get a helping hand from the outside with a weekly newsletter with tips, tricks, recipes, to-do lists, etc., Adapted according to the child age.

On fø there is a separate “føtex for the little” universe, where parents can read articles of nurse Helen Hansen and find a variety of products aimed at young children families with bargains on everything from pacifiers to run cycles. All pregnant women and parents with children up to 8 weeks are also offered a free baby starter pack containing various care products and parents with children up to 3 years are offered a free welcome pack with toys appropriate to the child’s age.

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