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Gina Tricot CEO: 2015 was tough

Göran Bille’s assignment as CEO Gina Tricot was more demanding than he thought.
Now he’s trying to find the soul of the once so successful fashion chain again.
“The target group is extremely disloyal,” he says.

Göran Bille stepped off as CEO of Lindex for a year and a half ago to lead Gina Tricot’s turnaround. He then described the situation as the most important thing was already done. But he’s now adjusting the image slightly despite the improvement in earnings during 2014.

“2015 has been a tough year, not least as we had the weather against us during our strongest sales months. The young woman between 18 and 30 shops where she finds that she is looking for, whether it is online or in a physical store. And meanwhile we’ve worked to adjust the offer, she may not always recognize themselves here with us,” he tells the magazine Market.

He has mainly worked to scale down the concept. When the fashion chain’s curve went upwards, it expanded the range of underwear, sportswear and cosmetics.
“Since some of our stores are not larger than 150 square meter it often resulted in a rather messy expression, and a part of the soul disappeared,” he told the newspaper.

At the same time Gina Tricot is expanding – especially in Germany where the chain has its best growth right now. The thirteenth store recently opened.


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