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He joins Linkedin-program to target immigrants for new jobs

Swedish global fashion portal partnership with LinkedIn Sweden’s Welcome Talent-program.
The idea is to make it easier for newcomers to find internship.

”We’ve already received 50 applications the first day,” says CEO Jarno Vanhatapio.

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Welcome Talent enables employers to post training and work opportunities on Linkedin directed to the newly arrived with a special hash tag, #welcometalent, making them easily searchable.

Now joining the fashion site initiative aimed at helping asylum seekers and new arrivals at finding internships and for companies to find competence.
Former partners of the initiative include Spotify and Three.

“We have 90 days in operation with the marketplace sent orders to over 60 countries and the majority of our sales on come from abroad. Our corporate language has always been English and we really love the opportunity to bring in new arrivals talents that will enrich our knowledge and culture even more, “says Jarno Vanhatapio, CEO and founder

Initially, the NA-KD to offer 20 places in all departments and got the very first day in over 50 applications.

“We are sure to expand the number of places where the company is growing very rapidly and has six months have passed from 10 to 50 people employed,” says Jarno Vanhatapio.

Participating companies and organizations: Cybercom, Dfind (part of Proffice), Dipart, Dreamler, Flewid, Gro play, Happyr, Inkonova, Karma, Motum,, Novare, Spotify, Tictail and Three.

“Jobs and practice is a big and important part in the integration process and it feels great to have such an influential player on the Swedish e-commerce market to join the Welcome Talent. Now we hope that even more companies do too, “says Lisa Gunnarsson, Head of Talent Solutions at LinkedIn Sweden.

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