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Holknekt to leave fashion industry

Odd Molly founder Per Holknekt is now leaving his latest project, women’s fashion brand Non Sense.
But it’s more than that.
“I make a sortie from the entire fashion industry,” he tells Habit.

Together with colleagues from Odd Molly; Karin Jimfelt Ghatan and Marie Sjögren, as well as the founder of women’s fashion stores Mathilde, Madeleine von Rosen, started contractor Per Holknekt women’s fashion brand Non Sense just over a year ago. Now he stops at the company and steps off as CEO.

For fashion magazine Habit he says he leaves the whole fashion industry as he does not want it to be the only track in his life.

“I have recently undergone a major back surgery and during recovery, I have thought about the future. I feel that the work of the Non Sense is repetitive. I am a curious mind and I think that my skills work in more industries.

Non Sense targeted 250-350 stores and even aimed to grow internationally. But Per Holknekt is vague on how the brand has evolved.
“I’ve dropped everything,” he says.

“I have several tasks rolling. I will continue to lecture, I have been asked to write a new book and going into private equity firms. I also sit on the board of the new store chain Another Nest, ” he says to Habit.

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