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Hotel Chocolate will learn from Denmark how to succed globally

Denmark is the local training ground for Hotel Chocolat – before global expansion.

“Our plan is to use Denmark, which is a close by smallish market with lots of good local chocolate. And after the UK it has the most frequent online shopping people,” founder Angus Thirlwell said on Wednesday.

Hotel Chocolat believes it is set for a global expansion. At a session in London, at the Retail Business Technology Expo, Angus Thirlwell announced an IPO for the concept that first will have it’s growth in The UK, and learn how to do it in Denmark.

“We are looking at Sweden too. It is also an interesting market with lots of  chocolate,” he tells

That is the same message as half a year ago, but whether Sweden is next or not is uncertain. Angus Thirlwell nnow only says it might be so. He wants to wait and learn his skills in Denmark before entering a big market that will need big investments.

Hotel Chocolat was before it’s time when entering e-commerce already 1995. It’s been ups and downs, but now online is the fastest growing channel.

“Our three physical stores in Denmark are working very well,” says Angus Thirlwell.

Will there be more?

“Yes, we have more planned. But I can’t tell when.”



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