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Intersport to make several acquisitions

Intersport Sweden is expanding through acquisitions.

Two Sportringen-stores and Bareko Sport will now be converted to Intersport.

Intersport takes over one of the leading players in club activities in Sweden, Bareko Sport in Helsingborg.

Already in January 2014 Intersport took over Bareko Sports activities in Malmö. Now there is the same in Helsingborg, which is said to be in line with Intersport’s strategic plan.

From January 2016 Bareko Sports closes the shop in Helsingborg and the business moves to Intersport in Väla shopping center. The takeover includes around 25 association agreements as well as two employees. Jonas Bergström at Bareko Sport welcomes the future potential:

”We are happy for the agreement and feel secure for the associations’ future with Intersport. Joining forces with the world’s largest sports chain enables a lot – both for club, business development and for unions.

Bareko Sports was founded 35 years ago and has since then been a well known and appreciated sports supplier to clubs and sports associations in several localities, especially in southern Sweden.

”Intersport aim to be the best in sports and club activities is one of our key focus areas in the venture. By taking over the Bareko Sport in Helsingborg, we are advancing our position firmly in northwest Skåne county and makes it possible to offer more clubs a superior good range as well as world-class service,” says Markus Marbrandt, Head of Business Team at Intersport.

Intersport has also acquired two successful Sportringen stores in Mariestad and Karlskoga.

The two Sportringen stores, formerly TeamSportia stores, have strong positions in their local markets and are located in places where Intersport previously not been represented with physical stores.

”To further strengthen our store portfolio, we look at expansion in places where we have growth potential for the brand. We see great advantages in taking over the already well-established shops with skilled staff, so the acquisition feels right for Intersport,” says CEO Ulf Kinneson.

Sören Larsson, currently a partner in the stores, welcomes the stores’ future in the world’s largest sports:

”Given what is happening in the market with increased globalization and digitization offers, a transition to Intersport has the right conditions for development and highlights the stores to the next step.”

The shops will be operated by Intersport from September 1, 2016.

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