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Intersport to open relocated stores

Intersport opens the doors to five stores with Intersport’s upgraded store concept.
”To strengthen our store portfolio on our journey to become the best in sports, we investigate constantly the possibilities for rebuilding and relocation to adapt to customer trends in local markets,” says Ulf Kinneson, CEO of Intersport

First is Örebro on February 25, where two stores close in southern Marieberg and in Marieberg’s mall for a large establishment in the retail park. The store is over 1,800 square meters and will include one large team division and bicycle department.
March 17, four more stores open, at Vällingby City, Bromma Blocks, Lillänge in Östersund and the new Ikea-mall in Umeå, named Avion.
Even if Intersport presents them all as new stores, they are mainly relocations, Vällingby and Bromma Blocks are short moves, Östersund is a move from the city centre to meet up with the competitors at Lillänge. Umeå is the only new establishment – led by the previous Intersport store owner in Umeå Jörgen Holmqvist.



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