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Kanye West pop-up at Ikea head office

American superstar Kanye West caused some raised eyebrows as he unexpectedly showed up at Ikea in Älmhult in Sweden.

Ikea does not want to comment the reason for the visit yet.

Älmhult is a small town in south Sweden where Ikea’s first store opened – and the hometown for 90 year old founder Ingvar Kamprad who recently moved back to his old neighborhoods.

But it is also the head office for most of Ikeas’s operations, even globally.

On Tuesday a lot of visitors at the department store recognized the famous rapper on location and let media know.

”Unfortunately I don’t have much information. I can confirm he is here in Älmhult visiting today,” says press officer Jakob Holmström to Dagens Nyheter.

”We did not plan to communicate this,” ha adds.

To Aftonbladet, he says there will probably not be any more comments since it might be corporate secrets.

According to the paper he was given a tour around the Head office.

He has previously been put together with London-based designer Kate Eary who’s been collaborating with Ikea.

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