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Kiwi the biggest loser as 75 Norwegian in-store post offices change operators

Norway Post has signed 845 new agreements with Post i butikk/In-store post offices. 75 of them means a change of operating stores. A majority of them are switching location from Kiwi.

Posten Norge butikk

Growing E-commerce and good access for mail services means that most Norwegians are attending their local in-store several times during the year. Now Norway Post has renewed its agreement with 770 stores, while 75 will change service operators.

Newspapers like Tvedestrandsposten and Fædrelandsvennen newspaper take notice that only Kiwi-stores in the catchment areas that lose their contract. A look at the list of changing operators reveals that it is a general trend.

Mostly grocery stores, but also some freestanding stores – including petrol stations, kiosks, garden centers and a toy store in Lakselv are among the post office operators.

”In-store post office is more popular than ever, thanks to local drivers who handle packages, mail and banking in a good way. We are pleased that many participated in the competition to get Post i butikk and looks forward to working with new and old operators,” says Dag Mejdell at Norway Post.

Long opening hours and good accessibility where people pass by has become increasingly popular since the introduction 15 years ago. There are now around 1,360 Post i butikk and 35 post offices in Norway.

Almost 10 percent of the new agreements implies moving the service to a new operator by the end of 2016. Norway Post says this is the result of an open competition and not an indication that Posten is dissatisfied with these stores.

”Although some have to switch to a new in-store, our experience is that new drivers will be well received by customers,” says Mejdell.

The contracts are for four years with an option to extend for up to a total of seven years.

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