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Lager 157 to expand into malls

Lager 157 will for the first time move into a shopping center with a smaller store size than the chain’s usual concept, the premiere takes place in Nacka Forum.

”This will be our fourth store in Stockholm and will differ from the other as the position and size of retail space creates new opportunities for us,” says Jonas Ivarsson, Head of marketing at Lager 157.

The retail space on the first floor of Nacka Forum is 1300 square meters and is roughly half as large as the other stores in the chain. Currently there is no opening date set. Lager 157 calculates to open later in the spring.

The idea is that the new format will open up opportunities to present news and bestsellers from its trademark 157 in a faster way.

Lager 157 began as an outlet mall on the countryside with brand-name products, but today offers primarily a wide range of fashion products under their own brands with a focus on denim and basic as sweatshirts, basic-tops, parka jackets and bomber jackets.

“We want our products to have a long life, both in timing and in terms of style. Therefore, the base-fashion and jeans is incredibly important for us,” says Jonas Ivarsson.


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