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Masterchef rolls out new fast food concept in Finland

A new fast-food concept is about to be rolled out in Finland – and possibly in Sweden.
At least five new restaurants will open every year.
Masterchef Michael Björklund believes his Scandinavian version of pizza, plåtbröd, will be bigger than competitors like Kotipizza within ten years.

The franchise concept is conceptualized and ready. Anyone who wants to start a Niska restaurant can even choose from a number of interior design packages.
”We have had a restaurant in Turku and one in Dalsbruk where we have tested our concept, and we have put a lot of energy in that work. And they have done well,” said Michael Björklund to Ålandstidningen.
S Group dominates the fast food industry in Finland with its chains – including ABC.
”The restaurant in Turku has provided a very nice result, and got a nice response, so it will work even though it’s a hard market.”
Some restaurants will be run in-house, but the strategy is to expand with franchise.
”Those who come in and take hold of this will be able to make a good living of it. And if they serve good, that’s fine for us too. You just have to find the right franchise.”
The concept, called Niska as the firm Niska export, has its theme from the smuggler Algot Niska. But the concept allows local variations
”It will not be as controlled as at McDonalds or Hesburger. On the contrary, we want people to take advantage of trends and commodities in the neighborhood. This also applies to raw materials.”
The first new restaurants in the chain are expected to open next spring. Then it’ll be about five new ones every year.
”We should not grow too fast. But the goal is that in ten years to be one of the larger franchise companies in Finland. Kotipizza is the larest today, that’s what we’re competing with,” Michael Björklund tells Ålandstidningen.
He has also been looking at Sweden, but he considers it a tougher market that needs more resources.
”We have looked at Norrtelje, Uppsala and Gävle. It would be an interesting market. But we begin with Finland.”

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