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New Fakta-concept targets quality and supermarkets

Danish discount chains has levelled up their quality demands lately. Rema 1000 will sell premium meat and Netto is in a partnership with Løgismose.
But Coop chain Fakta has been quiet, until now. It will reveal it’s plan for the “new Fakta” when opening four new stores this autumn.
Lars Rasmussen, food manager at Fakta, tells FødevareWatch.
“There is no doubt that we need to get better on quality when we present the plan for the new Fakta. So far we have done a lot, but more is needed. Nowadays it is not enough to have cheap products and tidy shops. One must also have a proper content”, says Rasmussen.
He also responds to the hype about Løgismose by stating that Fakta is the chain in Denmark that sells the most products from Thise dairy. But he does not believe in extending the brand to non-dairy products as Netto does.
“The market has moved very quickly. Discount stores have closed the gap up to the supermarkets when it comes to quality. Our competitors now are virtually everyone except ourselves. Whether it is Netto, Rema 1000 or supermarket”, Rasmussen says.

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