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New showroom for the fashion business

Stockholm’s fashion business is getting more concentrated to Nacka Strand and Stockholm fashion house.

Today a new showroom of 8000 was inaugurated.

Stockholm showroom

On location for speeches was both the Stockholm governor and Industry minister.
Mikael Damberg highlighted the courage that fashion was Sweden’s single fastest growing export industry in 2014 and that the small design-driven companies account for the largest part of Swedish fashion’s export growth.

Stockholm Showroom opened its first stage in the middle of Fashion Week in Stockholm. It is about 8000 square meters of showroom space dedicated to the fashion industry, spread over 55 agency companies and about 200 brands.

The site, chose to invest as the Stockholm fashion house at nearby Järla sjö suddenly announced a move to the other side of Stockholm.
Instead, the Stockholm Fashion District come out as a winner.
Here are now, for example, three of the largest fashion players from Denmark – DK Company, IC Group and PWT Group – and two of Finland’s largest, L Fashion Group and Nanso Group.

“We know that if this market place has not been built, many big brands would now have opted out of Sweden as a market,” says Helena Waker, CEO of Stockholm Fashion District and Agenturföretagen, to Dagens Handel.

Stockholm Fashion District includes the new Stockholm Showroom permanent exhibition space for fashion brands, and is now fully leased. More floors will be added in August.
It also includes Stockholm Skohus that has been in place since 2009 and then  has been developed in stages.

A total of 290 agencies and 897 brands are gathered here this season.
Large retailers who have not been in Stockholm for a long time have also chosen to come here and make their purchases, such as both Finnish department store chain Stockmann and Sokos.

Studio Stockholm Architecture and Alessandro Cardinale is behind the design of the new showroom.

“We are proud of the result! It has been focused on creating an architecture for the fashion industry and a concept that fits all brands. We are now working hard on the next stage of 2000 sqm that will open this summer. The success is a confirmation of good opportunities, cooperation, commitment, love of fashion and of course value creation architecture, “underlines Alessandro Cardinale.

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