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No more ICA-pharmacies inside City Gross

As expected, City Gross did not appreciate ICA’s pharmacies in their stores.
Now, Apoteket AB takes over eight Apotek Hjärtat shops next to Bergendahls City Gross stores. At the same time Apotek Hjärtatacquires four pharmacies from Apoteket.

In connection with ICA’s purchase of Apotek Hjärtat, asked how the Apotek Hjärtat stores established in the City Gross stores would be handled. ICA then said the contracts were to be fulfilled, but without changing the logo to the new with the ICA-addition.

But this relationship was not satisfying.
“We have worked a long time to get to a long-time cooperation regarding pharmacies and are pleased that Apoteket AB will become our partner. It was obviously not a long term solution to have a chain of pharmacies owned by Ica directly adjacent to our stores,” says Citygross CEO Johan Johnsson Icanyheter Update.

Now instead a switch where Apoteket AB will enter the City Gross – and Apotek Hjärtat in return acquires four pharmacies from Apoteket AB

“The pharmacies we now take over supplements our store range very well and enables us to assist clients in the pharmaceutical and other health products in more locations in the country,” says Ann Carlsson, CEO at Apoteket.

The employees at the pharmacies comply with the takeover, which means that they change employers.

The pharmacies are estimated to be in operation of the receiving chain in May. Apoteket and Apotek Hjärtat will work together during the transition period to facilitate both for customers and for employees in the affected pharmacies.

The pharmacies that are transferred from Apotek Hjärtat to Apoteket are:

Växjö, City Gross, Sambandsvägen
Norrköping, City Gross, Malmvägen
Jönköping, City Gross, Batterigatan
Borås, City Gross, Göteborgsvägen
Bromma, City Gross, Bryggerivägen
Örebro, City Gross, Prologgatan
Kalmar, City Gross, Trångsundsvägen
Kungälv (Ytterby), City Gross, Torsbyvägen

The pharmacies that are transferred from Apoteket to Apotek Hjärtat are:

Västerås, Apoteket Gurkan, Vasagatan,
Stockholm, Apoteket Katten, Sveavägen,
Örnsköldsvik Apoteket City, Storgatan,
Bromölla, Apoteket, Ödlan, Bruksgatan

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