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Odd Reitan: ”We’re having fun”

Reitangruppen is more solid than ever. Total turnover in 2015 was 85.6 billion NOK, an increase of 4 billion from 2014.

”Thanks to talented people with strong values ​​and aspirations we have never been better prepared for the future,” says Colonial Major Odd Reitan.

The last ten years Reitangruppenhas tripled results and invested significantly in shops, stations, logistics and industry. The result for 2015 is better than ever in all business areas.

”We’re having fun and operates cost-effectively.” says Odd Reitan.

The operating profit was 3.4 billion NOK. Profit before tax was NOK 3.1 billion.

”My best moments I experience when I hear people say that working in Reitangruppen has changed their lives. You rarely succeed if you do not like what you’re doing. I love to build culture in which people gain confidence and take their own decisions,” says Odd Reitan.

Rema 1000 reached a retail turnover of 53.5 billion NOK in Norway and Denmark, and 6 percent growth.

”We are very satisfied with 2015. But we will not rest. 2015 was a tough year with an increasingly competitive market,” says Ole Robert Reitan, CEO Rema 1000.

Separately, store sales for the 270 Danish REMA 1000 stores landed at 11.4 billion DKK and operating profit of 328 million DKK. It is an improvement of more than 59 million from the year before.

”We are in the process of building the largest supermarket chain stone by stone, and although we opened fewer stores than we had expected in 2015, we continue the positive development in existing and new stores. The changing Danish shopping habits means that there is room for many more discountes like REMA 1000 on the market, ”says Danish CEO Henrik Burkal who expects to inaugurate 15-25 new REMA 1000 stores during the 2016th.

In 2015 Danish REMA 1000 took over the property development company that develops the stores for REMA 1000. And the company is now focusing on partnerships with developers and  will enter into leases to a larger degree. The new approach makes it possible to accelerate further store establishment, so REMA 1000 can pursue the ambition for a number of years to reach a total of 400 stores in Denmark – about 130 more than today.

Several industrial companies in Rema 1000 has delivered good results. Norwegian Chicken has turned the operation and ends for the first time in several years with a positive result. Kjeldsberg Kaffebrenneri is the smallest player in its market, but the first to certify all coffee. In 2015 they have had a tremendous growth – a trend that continues in 2016.

With known concepts as Narvesen, Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven and R-kioski, is Reitan Convenience market in seven countries in the Nordic and Baltic regions. The past year was characterized by stronger competition than ever, but still ended with the best results in its history: a total turnover of 15.5 billion NOK. EBITDA was 934 million NOK. And the operating profit 553 million NOK.

”A few years ago there was hardly anyone who thought it was possible to achieve such results through kiosk operation. Today Reitan Convenience cash flow is approaching a billion, and a huge potential for further growth. We have never been more profitable or performing better, and those who primarily should be credited for it is the 14,200 people who meet you at our kiosks and shops every day. They are our most important success factor,” says CEO of Reitan Convenience, Magnus Reitan.

Uno-X Group strengthened its market position in Norway and Denmark during 2015. The established partnership  with NEL Fuel ASA (NEL) has a goal to build a minimum of 20 hydrogen filling stations in the major Norwegian cities by 2020.  The turnover in 2015 was 9.6 billion NOK, EBITDA 690 million NOK. And operating profit 545 million NOK.




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