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ÖoB seeks new neighbors

Erikslund shopping area in västerås is one of Sweden’s largest, but also has many vacant premises.
Now discount operator ÖoB changes neighbor from Elgiganten to Jula and Willy.
“We know that we complement each other,” says ÖoB’s establishment director Josef Sommarkrans.

Jula’s property company, G & K Blanks Properties has signed a lease with the retailer ÖoB, regarding Erikslund in Västerås. The property has been renovated and expanded to include a total of about 19 000 square meters, but three entrances has been unused next to Jula, Willys, Hööks and the Children’s Country.

“ÖoB is a terrific complement to the existing tenants, and it feels good to bring in an established and popular chain like ÖoB,” says Johan Carlberg, president of G & K Blanks Properties.

“We look forward to moving in next door both Jula and Willys, we are together on other venues and we know that we complement each other,” says Josef Sommarkrans.
The re-opening is expected in autumn, 2016.


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