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Paolo Robert to open restaurant at Åhlens

Paolo Roberto has gone the long way, from fighter, actor, professional boxer, tv-host to tv-chef, author and now restaurateur.
Now he stands behind one of Åhlens largest investments ever in the food and drink.

In summer Paolo Roberto opens his first restaurant at Åhléns City Stockholm. Åhlens state that Restaurant Pane Fresco will have true Italian food and the atmosphere in focus and serve traditional Italian dishes to suit both adults and children, made from selected ingredients from Italy.

Pane Fresco will occupy 450 square meters on 4th floor of the department store with attached terrace and become one of the few restaurants outside Naples who cooks authentic “Verace Pizza Napolitana”.

The main course of the Neapolitan cuisine and one of the world’s most famous dishes, pizza, is in focus.

“At Åhléns we found the ultimate location for our restaurant venture, with a great natural flow of people, opportunities to interact with diners in the form of cookalongs and not at least one of the city’s best terraces,” says Paolo Roberto.

There will be happenings, such as recurrent cook-a-longs when Paolo Roberto or a guest chef carries a cooking show where food is prepared in front of the restaurant’s guests. Pane Fresco is also the children’s restaurant, so Paolo’s pizza school mini “Pizzaiolos” (pizza maker) will become a feature for children who want to be involved and bake pizza.

Åhlens’ food investment, which aims to make Åhléns City in Stockholm to a true food destination, with a varied selection of food and drink, started in 2014 with the opening of Café à lait and juice bar blade, in February 2015 opened restaurant “Sally Voltaire and sisters” .

”We are very pleased to Paolo Roberto’s believe on Åhlens. Paolo is one of Sweden’s most popular cookbook authors and one of our largest profiles. He knows how to create an authentic Italian restaurant with all that implies, and he knows how to entertain and inspire guests. For Åhlens is Pane Fresco an important building block of our focus on experiences and make Åhlens City to a true food destination, in the form of a varied selection of food and drink for the whole family,” says Jonas Sandström, head of business area Food on Åhlens.

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