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Paradiset’s second store is a pop-up

The new grocery chain Paradiset’s second store in central Stockholm will be temporary.

Landlord Pembroke Real Estate will have a selection of tenants filling the premises at the intersection Mäster Samuelsgatan and Regeringsgatan waiting for a decision on how to develop the property.

Paradiset at Södermalm, Stockholm

Paradiset at Södermalm, Stockholm

“Location can not be better. We get an exciting opportunity to showcase Paradise to a much larger audience who have not tried us in Södermalm yet. With 800 parking spaces across the street, it also becomes easy to make their weekly shopping. The combination of the tastiest products, wonderful staff and products at the right prices in a store environment that Sweden has not seen before, has been a hit with our guests and it is wonderful that we can show it to more people, ” said Johannes Cullberg, founder and CEO.

The shop will be nearly 1,200 square meters and will focus mainly on fresh products. There will also be an opportunity to eat and drink coffee in the shop.

In a press announcment, Paradiset says that unique to the new position is that it will be the first pop-up store for groceries.

Pembroke Real Estate plans refurbish on the property Hästen 21, to modernize and open up the neighborhood. Until a decision is taken on the matter will Paradise and a selection of players  fill the premises and ”create a vibrant and modern environment in the citys old banking district”.

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