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Per Thelin: ”I completed my job faster than expected”

Stockmann’s resigning CEO Per Thelin says he completed the reorganization the Board hired him to do.

But he is ready to continue as an adviser to Stockmann’s management.

”We have now taken all the big stages and completed some. Originally, we estimated that it would take two years, but we have achieved it already,” he tells FNB.

Per Thelin says he was hired to sell Seppälä and the department stores in Russia and implement a restructuring program of 50 million EUR.

Because the job was completed faster than expected, it is time for something new, says Thelin.

Thelin has already received job offers, but says he will take a couple of weeks of vacation with the family before he decides on the future.

Some actions, like the sale of the bookstore to the Swedish Bonnier Books has brought bad blood. Thelin said that the decisions were very difficult.

”At Stockmann, we have a heritage to manage. We must respect our history but Stockmann must also have the opportunity to continue and develop. Now we have created the conditions for it. It was painful but necessary.”

Thelin leaved his post immediately on Monday.



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