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Henning Christensen, PostNord Danmark

PostNord targets online grocery deliveries

The parcels from PostNord Denmark contains more food then ever when providing for Danish Internet merchants.

“For us, this has already become a three-digit million business,” says Henning Christensen, CEO of PostNord Denmark.

“There is much volume in it. It is a market maturing, but if you look in the direction of England, where the culture around shop groceries online is very large, it can also be very big in Denmark and for us. It is of course why we find it interesting, and then you can talk half, whole and half billion in distribution costs in future years,” says Henning Christensen in an interview with FødevareWatch.

The strategy is that PostNord must take the position as the leading Nordic e-commerce player and therefore allocates many resources to develop concepts that do not just work on the Danish market but also in the rest of Scandinavia.
“We have spent a lot of time and a lot of effort to build this concept up, it should be no doubt,” says Henning Christensen.

On good example is offering six weekly delivery days for customers.

“The volumes, as we have seen, has surpassed all our expectations and budgets. In all modesty, we have also hit the timing just right, “says Henning Christensen., one of the leaders in the online market, use PostNord’s services and is still primarily a Copenhagen phenomenon. Henning Christensen sees Postnord’s advantages taking it outside the capital.

“We felt that we could have a very strong position by leveraging our expertise in creating what we call efficient and customer-friendly logistics solutions. Denmark has a nationwide distribution network, where we will pass 2.6 million households six times a week. This fits really well with the new possibilities and therefore we started to build a good concept, which then took off in 2014.”


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