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PostNord’s parcel locker no immediate success

DHL rolls out their parcel locker machines. But PostNord, which has now tested the service for a year, hesitate, pointing at technical problems. The pilot initiative in three Nordic capitals are now formally ended – and was not a direct hit.
According to a student paper, the vast majority of Swedes are both unaware that they exist and, moreover, are satisfied with the current postal agent’s service.

PostNord PostNord writes that PostNord’s pilot with boxes as automated parcel terminals in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki is a closed chapter.

“The pilot study was limited and we have chosen to complete the project according to the given time frame. During the pilot we’ve had an ongoing evaluation of a number of strategic issues related to our physical distribution and the underlying IT support, “says Johan Littmarck, Product Manager, who has been responsible for the machines.

PostNord indicate that the location is crucial to drive volume to the machines but some technical problems still persist.

“Some key issues of safety must be resolved in order to offer both customers and recipients secure and seamless delivery,” says Johan Littmarck.

Students Cajsa Bengtsson and Anna Vikingson at Lund University have during nine days interviewed people who passed PostNord’s lockers in Stockholm. The reason was to obtain data on how consumers look at the delivery form. The results are presented in the thesis “Exploring and Evaluating the Parcel Locker”.

“93 percent of the participants did not know what a package vending machine was. However, all participants thought that the processes to retrieve and return the package was easy to perform, “writes Cajsa Bengtsson and Anna Vikingson according to

“The biggest threat to package machine detection in these interviews is that consumers are sufficiently satisfied with postal representatives and the system used in Sweden today, that there is not enough demand.”

The authors believe that there is a significant lack of knowledge about what customers think of parcel lockers, but appears to remain positive about the use.

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