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Qliro-CEO: Adlibris to replace Cdon’s booksales

Adlibris, the leading Nordic online bookstore, has agreed on a partnership with Cdon to sell books via Cdon Marketplace. In connection with the launch of Adlibris as a new marketplace merchant, Cdon will phase out its own assortment of books and instead sell Adlibris’s assortment through the marketplace.

The cooperation is expected to be launched during the summer of 2016.  Cdon’s current sales volume of books is in the range 200-250 MSEK on an annual basis.

“We’re very excited to launch a partnership with Adlibris. Our biggest subsidiary, Cdon, is being transformed into the leading online marketplace in the Nordics and the partnership with Adlibris is an important milestone and further proof of concept of the future potential.” says Paul Fischbein, CEO of Qliro Group.

Cdon Marketplace showed a growth of 54 percent 2015. The former media sales site has so far transformed in the same direction as Amazon, to a department store online. But now it gives up a core business.

”It is a big and important step for CDON to enter into a long term partnership with a leading player in one of our verticals and together develop the customer offer within books.” says Magnus Fredin, CEO of Cdon.

This means the Nordic online book market gets consolidated as two pan-Nordic players join forces.

“We are very pleased to have been given the confidence to, together with Cdon Marketplace develop the book vertical for Cdon’s customers. This partnership is in line with our strategy to reach book customers in new sales channels. With our passion for books and Cdon’s large reach, we are confident that this will be a successful partnership that will continue developing the e-commerce of books online,” Johan Kleberg, CEO of Adlibris Group, comments.


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