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Rema 1000 to take over leasing contract for 20 Ica-stores

Rema 1000 was rejected by Coop after Ica-deal.
Now, the chain will still take over 20 Ica-stores by getting their hands on the leasing contracts.

Clauses in the leases which say that landlords have the right to terminate the agreement if their tenant gets sold are now leading to some 20 stores, mostly in Østlandet, will become Rema 1000 stores instead of Coop.

Even Bunnpris will lose one of the 43 stores they bought from the Coop, which therefore will never have a Bunnpris sign.

“And then I lose one or two of the other 42 in a couple of years,” confirms Bunnpris CEO Christian Lykke to Aftenposten.

In parallel with the Competition Authority’s investigation, it has been hard work on contacting property owners in areas of interest. Not only Rema, but also Norgesgruppen, has courted landlords where there is little time left on the lease. And landlords have contacted them.

“We have fished partly in muddy water,” says Rema 1000’s managing director Tom Kristiansen to Aftenposten.

He also says that some of the stores will be taken over after a few years.

Among the stores that will convert to Rema 1000 are Rimi Skøyen in Oslo, Rimi Valler and Rimi Bærums Verk in Bærum.

The President of the Franchise Association in Ica, Jan Arild Andersen, owns his own grocery store and have received a request from Rema and calls the actions ”unexpectedly aggressive “.

“This is a surprising turn of events, not least for the merchants involved. Who knows what happens to them now, “says Jan Ariild Andersen to Aftenposten.

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